NEW RELEASE: Introducing the Virtual Buddy by SkillsBase

This real-time artificial intelligence tool enables companies to roll out an audit and compliance tool through our SkillsBase Mobile App platform at a scale that suits them. Watch the short video to learn more about the technology and it’s 4-step process.

Why Use Us?

Costs and Time Saved

Reduced travel and subsistence costs. Less travel learning remotely

Productivity Increased

Get it right the first time with reference materials accessible anywhere

Online Self-service

Tailors learning to individual engineers’ pace

Accessible Anywhere

Training accessible from any device, any time-critical for new recruits

Scalable Platform

Our platform is built to be scaled to your purpose, highly adaptable

Quicker Qualifications

No need to wait for scheduled classes, learning initiated per user

Flexibility & Effectiveness

Training fits around the engineer’s schedule. eLearning is proven more interactive and engaging than classroom learning


Course material is centrally controlled and approved, ensuring consistent quality

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