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Through module-based content, we aim to impact real behavioural change across various business sectors. We aim to provide a platform where companies can balance function with form by creating unique content that trainees will want to consume at the core of our content development process.

SkillsBase provides award-winning module-based learning for global businesses. Through SkillsBase, creativity, learning science, and a human-centred approach are melded in a way that inspires, motivates, and promotes effectiveness.

We aim to impact real behavioural change across various business sectors through module-based content. 

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Why Use Us?

Self-Serve Training

Easy to use mobile-first self-serve training and engagement tool.

AI Virtual Buddy

Artificial Intelligence self-auditing and real-time compliance platform.

Brand Support

White-labelled SkillsBase App enables brands to enhance engagement with key stakeholders.

Community Engagement

Two-way instant feedback tool, helping communities stay connected.

Mixed Reality

Virtual and Augmented Reality solutions that heighten the learning experience.

Analytics and Insights

Real-time Custom Reporting analyses end-user behaviours helping companies to innovate and adapt content.

Remote Assessment

Remotely validate skills through innovative and simple-to-use assessments.

Resource Efficiency

The mobile app has been successful in helping organisations save costs, time, and resources while increasing productivity.

Green Solutions

By reducing paper, field training, travel and other associated costs. SkillsBase provides a greener solution.


Training and Engagement

Artificial Intelligence Virtual Buddy

Augmented Reality Planning Tool

Brand Support Tool

SkillsBase is a training and engagement platform for growing businesses. By empowering you to engage your employees at every level of training, we move beyond online training platforms and create workplace heroes.
Installers can detect mistakes in real time before completing their tasks using our Virtual Buddy Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning tools.
SkillsBase AR adds a new perspective and detailed factors behind every single prediction. With an easy-to-use workbench and understandable results, the AR planning tools help to reduce revisits by simulating the customer installation for instant approval.
With custom dashboards and reports, you can measure how employee training impacts your business. Identify data-driven conclusions about e-learning that will help you continuously improve your training programs.