Introducing Microlearning: The Latest Feature on the SkillsBase App!

At SkillsBase, we are dedicated to enhancing learning and development through innovative solutions. Our latest addition to our Training and Engagement App is the Microlearning feature, designed to reinforce training course material effectively and efficiently.


What is Microlearning?

Microlearning is an educational strategy that breaks down information into small, easily digestible segments. There are a variety of benefits associated with microlearning, including enhanced retention and flexibility. As well as this, short and focused learning sessions increase user motivation and engagement.

How It Works on the SkillsBase App

Our Microlearning module is seamlessly integrated into training courses within the Training and Engagement App. By using previously uploaded training content, our proprietary AI generates series of Microlearning events. This Microlearning feature includes weekly quizzes, multiple choice questions, anytime access, unlimited attempts and corrective feedback.

Users can unlock two multiple choice questions each week for five weeks, totaling ten questions. These quizzes cover training material and can be completed during a training course. Users can take these quizzes at anytime during the week, and can redo the quizzes as many times as they wish to reinforce their learning. The Microlearning feature conducts automatic grading, indicating correct (green) or incorrect (red) answers. This feature also provides further explanations to ensure users understand the training material.

Why Choose SkillsBase?

The SkillsBase Microlearning feature is more than just a set of quizzes. It’s an innovative tool designed to ensure that knowledge is retained and applied effectively. By incorporating regular, short assessments with instant feedback, we help learners stay engaged and confident in their training.

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Join us at SkillsBase and experience how our innovative Microlearning feature can transform your learning and development processes, making training more effective, engaging, and accessible. To find out more about microlearning on the SkillsBase Training and Engagement App, visit our website or contact us at

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