Openreach – AI Virtual Buddy Visual Compliance

In conjunction with Openreach, SkillsBase ran a trial to demonstrate the potential of the Virtual Buddy Technology as a learning tool to improve user compliance and to evaluate its potential to reduce ELF (early life failure) & Truck Rolls. Over the course of the Trial, we were able to see a number of fault drops in the group of engineers.



Work practice could be improved in areas, and could this Virtual Buddy improve engineer compliance without manager intervention

Inability to train and communicate new work instructions to the field

Complex product installations and technical guidance were not always available to an engineer at the point of customer installation

Lack of an efficient yet cost-effective method to scale the on-field and off-field training support to engineer

Lack of knowledge of the true root cause of the field faults


Visual automation to give engineers an instant self-audit with a single photo of their completed job

Easy to use mobile app scanning system – taking no more than 10 seconds out of the job

Peer-review system to give instant support to engineers, enabling a crowd-sourced learning system

Reduces training venue costs, travel costs for learners and trainers, and other direct training delivery costs

All-in-one platform for on-field training support, feedback loop and Post-Training Education

Instantly identify faults or workmanship issues, with feedback given on how to rectify the issues, allowing engineers to proactively take action

Engineers can re-upload their evidence of issue rectification for the green tick


The instant field guidance gives peace of mind to engineers proving a job well done

Recognised as an essential field training aid by all training delivery managers

Integrated real-time on-job support to check and ensure high work quality, minimising fault and expensive truck rolls

The image below shows how engineers were brought into compliance with a new work instruction without any field communications or re-training. The virtual buddy simply flags the new issue and explains to engineers how to rectify

why skillsbase?

Using the SkillsBase AI Virtual Buddy tool, users gain the ability to self-check their installation quality in real time while they are on the job. Continuous on-the-job learning is facilitated, and visual quality control is automated, resulting in a constant learning cycle. Engineers can scan a photo and receive feedback as soon as it has been scanned.

Anytime an issue can be detected visually; this solution can be deployed within a few days with as few as 20 photos!