Openreach - AI Virtual Buddy Visual Compliance

Discover more about SkillsBase’s trial with Openreach to demonstrate the potential of the Virtual Buddy Technology as a learning tool.

Openreach - App-Based Training and Remote Compliance

Learn how SkillsBase has helped Openreach train engineers remotely without having to recall them from the field and lose productivity and time.

Munster Rugby - App-Based Training and Communication

Explore how SkillsBase works with Munster Rugby to help empower their training with our App-Based Training and Engagement platform.

Cooking - Modernising and Enhancing online classes

Discover how SkillsBase has helped a Cork baker enhance her teaching efficiency and maximise her audience’s learning experience.

Education - Supplementary Face-to-Face Teaching with an App

Learn how SkillsBase worked with Sophie, a second-level school Biology teacher who wanted to make her classes more engaging and enjoyable.

PQMS - A Bespoke Solution for Training Needs

Learn how SkillsBase automated and centralised PQMS’s training process, making learning more efficient and convenient for learners and trainers.