Change the Way You Train with Our Digital Learning Platform

SkillsBase automates and centralises your training process, making learning more efficient and convenient for both the learner and trainer

SkillsBase began its working relationship with PQMS in 2021 to provide a bespoke solution to their training needs.

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Learn effectively

Decrease need to be in school

More accessible training

Onboard online

Upload mandatory documents

Streamline the admin process


Protects both the learner and company

Complete, sign and store

Monitor accessed and completed risk assessment


All scores are stored in one place to be more easily accessible

More environmentally friendly than paper and assures safer storage

Better learning experience

Encourages interactive learning and applies to a variety of learning styles


Users can provide anonymous feedback about courses to continuously improve learning

Push notifications alerts users of news, new courses, training updates and more

Allows for the sending of bulk emails for marketing purposes


Integrate 3rd party safety apps directly onto the platform using our web viewer feature

Centralised training with 3rd party apps accessible in one place

Reduces the need to switch between apps

Practical Assessment

Bulk Assessment

One of the main features of SkillsBase that PQMS have found to be the most useful is our practical assessment features. Our admin dashboard allows for trainers to create practical assessments and manage bookings easily and efficiently. Our solution uses GPS tracking to ensure that all results are authentic and received from the premises on the date and time the assessment occurred.

Users can be assessed at the same time with our innovative bulk assessment feature, making the job of the assessor as easy as possible.

Users can also scan a QR code on the day to be added to the list of students being assessed, adding their information for the assessor to access and grade. 

Automatic Results

Results are calculated automatically, and questions can be weighted when creating to ensure that the automated results are reflective of the criteria of the assessment.

Our practical assessments allow comments, photos and/or videos to be attached, allowing for non-theory segments to be evidenced and stored for external validation.

Digital Record

All question types can be held in one digital record, which allows for a greener and more environmentally friendly approach to training. You can organize the questions in whatever way you want, grouping them by category as seen fit.

PDF Results

Reports can be generated as PDFs to be externally stored if necessary, or in case the learner or assessor needs a copy of the results. PQMS have found this feature to be hugely beneficial, automating and simplifying an often convoluted and unnecessarily long process, making practical assessments easier for both the assessor and the learner


Digitises learning by allowing the learner to access information with ease

The admin dashboard centralises and simplifies accessing learner results

This information is stored so that it can be accessed whenever necessary


SkillsBase provides the tools learners need to upskill whenever they want onsite

Learners always have access to the information they need from a reliable and learner friendly source

SkillsBase encourages users to take agency in their learning

PQMS found significant results on learning outcomes for the students, while also creating a better teaching environment for trainers

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