Cooking – Modernising and Enhancing online classes

“It was easy for my loyal customers to come on board, download the app, and sign up! As they’ve been following my Facebook LIVEs, so I already knew that my recipes worked. Still, it is the intuitive platform made my recipes more engaging. Through SkillsBase’s step-by-step tutorials, students could work at their own pace without being overwhelmed by too much information.”

– Patricia O’Flaherty, the founder of A Touch of Magic

A Touch of Magic


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A large library of content was created, but with no way of sharing

No possible method was available to reach a large audience with remote content

Unsure if users were following along to the classes

It was difficult to schedule a class that suited everyone

Giving away ownership and undervaluing their hard-created content and recipes – this is their Intellectual Property

Irregular communication left fans wanting more and searching elsewhere

With remote classes, there was no easy way to provide real-time feedback on creations


Created an app training course for Patricia’s Christmas Masterclass with the aim of making the baking engaging

Digitised the class to make it easier for users to digest remotely

Interactive training content (step-by-step videos, image hotspots, videos) ensure that users can follow all baking steps without being overwhelmed

Scheduled training delivery made sure that content was unlocked at pre-configured intervals and dates

The feedback loop was used to provide a remote proof of learning on recipes


The personal connection and feedback loop keeps fans engaged, cultivating and remote skilling a new generation of baker

The scheduled content with automatic push notifications took most of the work out of informing users of new content

The feedback loop with proof of learning gives users comfort in knowing they have achieved excellence

The loyal fan base has reacted positively to this new way of teaching

This new modern method of teaching has enhanced the quality of training that individuals can achieve

The app offers a chance to increase brand awareness and build up their digital presence

Go global with mobile app-based training delivery with no additional effort

why skillsbase?

“The SkillsBase mobile apps have opened up a world of possibilities for small businesses like mine; however, developing a mobile app takes time and effort. It becomes much more manageable with a top-notch app development company like SkillsBase. Generating a robust mobile app will put wings to your sales and assure productivity and sustained customer engagement.”

– Patricia O’Flaherty, the founder of A Touch of Magic