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With our comprehensive features and user-friendly interface, SkillsBase empowers businesses to measure and enhance the capabilities of their employees effectively.


Create customisable assessments

Assessment Types

Create tailored assessments with a variety of assessment formats. From mini quizzes to practical assessments, there’s a format to suit everyone.

Question Banks

Generate randomised assessments by creating question banks. Group questions by topic or subtopic to generate unique assessments for each user.

Authoring Tools

You can create questions right on the platform using our built-in authoring tools. We also offer a CSV template that makes it simple and quick to upload questions in bulk.

Schedule & Deliver Assessments


Schedule exams to unlock for concurrent users on the same day, at the same time.

Exam Attempts

From single or unlimited attempts, admins can set how many attempts users are allowed when taking the exam and the duration in which attempts reset.


Create unique user groups for administrators, teachers, and students. You have total control over the content that each user group can access.

Marking & Grading

Custom Weighted Marks

Add custom weights to your questions to provide users with an instant result score.

Attempt Reset

Indicate the maximum number of attempts that are allowed and the time at which tries should be reset—either instantly or after a predetermined time. The number of tries any candidate makes to pass an exam can easily be reviewed by administrators.

On Platform Marking

With automated MCQ marking, your team can focus more on reviewing written questions. Offer candidates individualized criticism and suggestions on how they can perform better the next time.

Analytics & Results

CSV Results Export

With our CSV results export, get useful insights. By compiling information on quiz scores, course completion rates, attempts, and time spent, it is possible to identify areas of strength and growth.

View User Responses

You can view users’ responses to individual quizzes to gain valuable insights. By analyzing user responses, administrators can assess a group’s overall performance, pinpoint areas for improvement, and modify their teaching methods to improve learning outcomes.


View user progress reports shows users’ overall course progress and quiz results. Analyzing user progress reports can offer insightful information into the learning process. It can assist educators in spotting learners’ typical misconceptions or knowledge gaps so they can adjust their instructional strategies and materials.

PDF Reports

Administrators have the ability to adjust the PDF quiz reports to suit their specific needs. Send detailed reports with questions, answers, and explanations. This type of report can be helpful since it gives students a detailed performance review, enabling them to get the correct answers and learn from mistakes.

Question Types

Create a variety of assessment formats, from MCQ’s to Videos


Free Text

Upload Image

Upload Video

Single Selections


Multiple Selection

Weighted Single Selection

Device Requirements

Before using SkillsBase, please review the following device requirements to ensure optimum performance and compatibility. We recommend using the most recent versions of well-known web browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, or Safari for desktop and laptop users. A reliable internet connection is also required to access SkillsBase. Mobile users should have iOS 13 or later-running devices (for iPhone or iPad) and Android 7.0 or higher-running smartphones for seamless functionality. By meeting these device requirements, you can make the most of SkillsBase’s features and have a seamless user experience.

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