Education – Supplementary Face-to-Face Teaching with an App

“With SkillsBase, I can plan lessons, share resources, provide personalised learning, and communicate beyond the classroom.”

– Sophie, Secondary School Biology Teacher



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Communicate with student through a secured platform

An online tool that helps teachers to reach their larger audiences

The privacy of student groups in a single chat can be a concern when using traditional platforms

Lack of interactive learning and engagement between students and teachers

There was a need to provide a method of integrating a more module-based learning approach


GDPR-compliant platform to communicate with students in a secure manner

Students can learn remotely through module-based classes

Personalised training app for schools to make learning more engaging

A step-by-step video, images, hotspots, and videos ensure students can follow learning steps without feeling overwhelmed

The feedback loop provides an ongoing engagement between teachers and students

Anti-bullying features, students and parents can notify teachers and staff about incidents of bullying that have occurred safely and anonymously

The parent and guardian can access their child’s calendar, class schedule, outline, and assessment dates and participate in their child’s learning


Student engagement, cultivation, and remote learning are improved with mobile-based learning and a feedback loop

Push notifications with scheduled content made it easy for students to stay up-to-date with any new update

By receiving feedback with proof of learning, students get the comfort of knowing they have met high standards

This new method of teaching is very appealing to the new generation of students because they are very mobile-friendly

In this new modern learning method, students are capable of achieving higher levels of learning

why skillsbase?

“Learning is more than just e-books and videos nowadays; learners want engaging experiences, and SkillsBase has all the features that engage students. It integrates module-based learning with course materials, videos, quizzes, feedback, integration of other tools, and customisable layouts to improve the effectiveness of online education. By using SkillsBase, I can deliver my lesson to my students effectively, engagingly, and at the same time, keeping them interested in and engaged in the subject.”

– Sophie, Secondary School Biology Teacher