SkillsBase Delighted by AFL Shoutout at LightWave Webinar!

We’re thrilled to announce that Josh Simer from AFL mentioned us during the “Constructing Fibre Networks” LightWave webinar.

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Transformative AI in Field Operations

In this webinar, Josh Simer spoke about the transformative role of AI in guiding engineers through complex installations and fault corrections. He praised AI for its ability to learn from vendor solutions, which captures essential data, drives continuous improvements, cuts costs, and speeds up network construction while enhancing quality.

Endorsing a Solutions-Based Approach

Josh Simer, the Market Manager for Service Providers and MSOs at AFL, strongly endorsed a solutions-based approach to fiber hardware. He explained that this approach significantly raises the total Return on Investment (ROI) by enhancing various aspects of the installation process. Improvements in logistics, maximised labor utilisation to meet strict deadlines, and optimised space utilisation all contribute to reduced installation times and costs. He also noted that refining installation practices and minimising lifetime issues are vital for increasing revenue by accelerating market entry.

Josh went on to detail how AFL’s solution, which integrates AI to assist technicians in the field during installation and troubleshooting, has transformed field operations. This AI technology, trained on the vendor’s solutions, proactively identifies potential faults and gives front-line users instant self-audit capabilities along with the necessary corrective actions to address issues promptly, avoiding costly and time-consuming rework.

Honorary Mention for SkillsBase AI Virtual Buddy

We are particularly grateful to Josh for the honorary mention of our AI Virtual Buddy tool during this webinar: “We’re working with a company known as SkillsBase on an AI tool… we have used it in a number of projects and it’s working out very well.” The mention by such a respected figure in the industry not only validates the effectiveness of our tools but also highlights our role in pioneering AI-driven solutions in the tech industry.

AI’s Role in Continuous Improvement and Quality Control

The webinar highlighted how AI tools, similar to those powered by SkillsBase, enable management to actively drive continuous improvements and elevate quality control standards. By facilitating the easy deployment of new work practices and the reduction of bad habits, AI technologies ensure smoother, more efficient workflows that adapt to the changing needs of the tech landscape.

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