SkillsBase Sparks Excitement at Tech Industry Alliance TechFest 2024!

SkillsBase was excited to attend the Tech Industry Alliance TechFest 2024, which took place at the Raddison Blu last Tuesday. The theme of this year’s event, “AI for Good: Advancing Deep Tech, Fostering Sustainability & Building a Better Tomorrow” was explored through three key pillars, Disrupt, Evolve and Ignite. Mark Horgan, the founder of SkillsBase, was delighted to present SkillsBase’s award-winning solutions on the day to like-minded, innovative tech industry leaders. The event was impeccably organised, creating an ideal environment for learning and networking.

SkillsBase attends TechFest

Sarah Porter’s Opening Keynote

The TIA TechFest 2024 began with an inspiring opening keynote by Sarah Porter, the Founder and CEO of InspiredMinds!. Sarah explored the key role of AI in tackling critical challenges in healthcare and climate change. She discussed groundbreaking medical advancements, such as bionic eyes, hospitals without walls, brain-computer interfaces for communication with vegetative patients, and face recognition technology for stroke survivors. Additionally, Sarah emphasised AI’s pivotal role in climate regulation and sustainability efforts. She also passionately advocated for diversity in tech, encouraging the inclusion and empowerment of women and girls in STEM. Sarah’s keynote set an exhilarating tone for the event, showcasing the potential of AI to drive positive change and the importance of fostering an inclusive tech industry.

The Future of Tech: Supporting Sustainability

The panel discussion titled “The Future of Tech: Supporting Sustainability” at the TIA TechFest featured insights from experts Jonathan McCrea, Denis Ryan, Helena McMahon, Donal Daly, and Eamonn Foley. They emphasized sustainability as an existential concern and a vital strategic pillar for technology companies. The panel underscored the rigorous nature of achieving BCorp certification, which requires a score of 80 out of 120, aligning tech initiatives with stringent environmental and social governance goals. The panelists highlighted that the integration of sustainability in the tech industry is essential for long-term success and ethical responsibility. The panel’s insights effectively captured the future of tech and its crucial role in supporting sustainability.

Mark Horgan Presents SkillsBase Solutions

A key highlight was Mark Horgan’s presentation on the Evolve track. Mark Horgan, the founder of SkillsBase, was thrilled to discuss SkillsBase’s groundbreaking solutions—the Training and Engagement App, AI Virtual Buddy, and AR Planning Tool. Mark’s presentation not only illustrated SkillsBase’s commitment to innovation but also showcased how these solutions are revolutionising field education and compliance. Mark presented alongside a number of other innovative entrepreneurs on the Evolve track, including Colm Murphy from Giyst, Madeleine Murray from Change by Degrees, Edward Dixon from Rigr AI, Sean Griffin from CergenX, Ryan Bamsey from ArrayPatch and James Flynn from

Mark shared insights into the mobile-first, human-centric approach adopted by SkillsBase to enhance user engagement. He explored the impressive features of the SkillsBase AI Virtual Buddy, a computer vision tool that simplifies training and compliance by offering real-time corrective feedback to users’ smartphones. This innovative approach minimises hardware costs and streamlines operations, making advanced technology accessible directly from the field. Mark also explored the tangible benefits of implementing SkillsBase technologies, highlighting the sustainable and economic impacts of its solutions.

Looking Forward

The TIA TechFest 2024 was a perfect blend of inspirational talks, strategic discussions, and collaborative opportunities. Mark Horgan’s presentation effectively highlighted the role of SkillsBase in using AI and deep tech to foster sustainability and improve user experience. To find out more about SkillsBase award-winning solutions, contact us at

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