SkillsBase Launches its Updated Training and Engagement App for Field Engineers!

We’re excited to showcase our latest innovation, the SkillsBase Training and Engagement App. This app provides immediate access to a wealth of resources, empowering engineers with tools for on-demand training, real-time communication, and practical assessments.

training app

Enhanced Communication and On-Demand Training

The SkillsBase Training and Engagement app provides engineers with immediate feedback, enables them to ask questions, and to make informed decisions on the go. The app also offers on-demand training modules accessible through their mobile devices, allowing for seamless learning and application.

Insightful Analytics with Remote Coaching and Practical Assessments

Our app extends beyond basic training by incorporating insightful analytics, which managers can use to track progress and pinpoint areas needing improvement. Remote coaching features provide personalised guidance, ensuring engineers receive the support they need wherever they are. Additionally, the app includes practical assessments designed around real-world scenarios to enhance skill application. Engineers also have access to essential troubleshooting tools to resolve field issues efficiently.

Sub-Modules for Enhanced Learning

To further enrich the learning experience, the app integrates sub-modules such as an image gallery, web videos and hot spot images. These visual aids are invaluable for engineers, helping them visualise complex problems and solutions more effectively, thus improving understanding and retention.

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This app represents a significant advancement in training field engineers using cutting-edge technology. For more information on the SkillsBase Training and Engagement App, please contact us at Join us in transforming field engineering education and practice.

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