Innovative SkillsBase Splice Fault Locator Wins Red Dot Award!

At SkillsBase, we are thrilled to announce that our Splice Fault Locator has received the prestigious Red Dot Design Concept Award in Communications Technology. This recognition is a testament to our commitment to excellence and innovation in fibre network maintenance.

Splice Fault Locator

Accuracy in Fibre Network Maintenance

The SkillsBase Splice Fault Locator is designed to accurately assess splice quality in fibre networks. Using advanced IR sensor technology, the Splice Fault Locator provides direct light loss measurements, surpassing traditional estimation algorithms to ensure precise assessments. Compatible with both core and cladding machines, this tool guarantees high-quality splices by confirming adherence to strict hygiene and splice machine calibration practices.

Non-Invasive and Efficient Testing

One of the standout features of the Splice Fault Locator is its non-invasive testing capability, allowing operators to conduct post-splice light loss tests on live networks without disrupting customer connections. This tool not only reduces fault rates but also increases operational efficiency and enhances the customer experience. It is an inexpensive test method that can be deployed at scale to suit all business sizes.

Direct Learning Opportunities

The Splice Fault Locator is more than a testing device; it serves as a valuable learning tool for engineers, providing direct feedback and fostering continuous improvement. Integrated with a dedicated mobile app, it offers real-time insights and analysis of splice quality data, allowing for informed decision-making and remote monitoring.

Recognised Excellence

Receiving the Red Dot Design Concept Award highlights the high-quality design and innovation that SkillsBase stands for. This accolade places the Splice Fault Locator among the elite in communications technology, reflecting our dedication to advancing fibre network maintenance.

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