SkillsBase Makes a Buzz at Connected North 2024!

Earlier this week, SkillsBase showcased its groundbreaking solutions at Total Telecom’s Connected North 2024, the busiest show to date. This significant event provided an ideal platform to demonstrate SkillsBase’s latest innovations, introducing a trio of cutting-edge technologies designed to revolutionize the telecom industry.

Connected North

AI Virtual Buddy: Improving Installation Compliance

At the forefront of the showcase was the AI Virtual Buddy, a mobile-based AI tool that significantly enhances on-the-job training and quality assurance processes. This innovative application allows users to perform real-time self-checks on installation quality, offering instant feedback and actionable insights directly in the field. The AI Virtual Buddy not only ensures high standards in telecom installations but also enhances installation compliance, reducing training and operational costs by minimizing errors and the need for retraining.

AR Planning Tool: Enhancing MDU Planning and Surveying

Also highlighted at the show was the AR Planning Tool, SkillsBase’s response to common installation challenges in the telecom sector. This advanced tool uses augmented reality to help planners and engineers visualize installations before they occur, ensuring accuracy and efficiency from the start. Particularly effective in planning and surveying Multi-Dwelling Units (MDUs), the SkillsBase AR Planning Tool facilitates precise and efficient project execution.

A Standout Year for AI and AR Solutions

This year, SkillsBase’s AI and AR tools garnered exceptional interest and were among the highlights of the show. The innovative features and practical applications of the AI Virtual Buddy and AR Planning Tool captivated the audience, underscoring the growing importance and popularity of intelligent technology solutions in the telecom industry.

Training and Engagement App: Empowering Teams

Completing the trio of innovations, the Training and Engagement App was introduced to provide comprehensive training solutions that are accessible and effective. Designed to engage users with interactive content and real-time updates, the app supports continuous learning and skill development across teams, crucial for keeping pace with the rapidly evolving telecom industry.

Engagement and Leadership at Connected North 2024

Total Telecom’s Connected North 2024 transcended typical product demonstrations, offering a vibrant showcase filled with insightful talks from telecom industry leaders. These discussions spanned technological advancements to strategies for overcoming current market challenges, providing valuable insights and stimulating debates about the future of telecom technologies. As well as this, the event served as a platform for creating valuable industry connections. It attracted a diverse crowd of industry leaders, potential clients, and technology enthusiasts, all eager to explore the latest telecom solutions. SkillsBase leveraged this opportunity to interact with attendees, gather feedback, and explore future collaborations, thus paving the way for new ventures and ongoing innovation.

Looking Forward

As SkillsBase continues to push the boundaries of telecom technologies, the successful showcase at Connected North 2024 marks another milestone in the company’s journey. With a strong focus on user-centered design and technological excellence, SkillsBase is well-positioned to lead the way in transforming telecom installations and operations. For more information about SkillsBase and its innovative solutions, visit or contact the team directly.

This event has truly set the stage for SkillsBase’s continued growth and influence in the telecom industry, signaling exciting times ahead as they innovate and expand their offerings.

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