SkillsBase Thrilled To See Virtual Buddy Represented at ISE Expo

This afternoon, Seán Adam from AFL hosted a session at the ISE Magazine ISE Expo 2023. This session was titled “Intelligent Build – Harnessing the Power of Digitization in Construction”. Seán discussed how large field deployments often go over budget by 80%, and how we can modernise the process to enhance productivity and cost reduction.

The main points that Seán focused on were Intelligent Passive Infrastructure; Construction Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Platforms; and Automation and Digitization of Equipment. For this reason, SkillsBase’s Virtual Buddy Tool was featured as a solution to the issues addressed. Seán featured our case study as an example of how digitisation of the construction process can make it more convenient, proficient and cost effective.

Two of the key metrics that resonate with us are:
1. Up to 80% of the total cost is spent on construction and labour for installation.
2. Over $800bn is spent annually on reworking jobs.

Our App and AI solutions give carriers and contractors real-time visibility, supplement workforce education, and provide labour savings to help reduce rework and cost overruns. Check out our demo video to see how!

We were honoured to be featured in Seán’s presentation, and we believe strongly in innovating construction and adjacent industries.

Visit us at booth 1314 at the ISE expo to learn more!

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