SkillsBase Excited to be Featured at ISE Expo Panel

We here at SkillsBase were honoured to be featured in today’s fantastic panel. This panel was hosted by Patrick McLaughlin at Endeavour Business Media and Sean Adam from AFL. This discussion focused on Opportunities for Applying Digital Technologies to Fibre Network Construction Projects. They discussed how despite Fibre Optic broadband being the innovation of the future, the process behind the scenes is often low tech. This results in a process fraught with delays and reworks. We discussed solutions to these issues, and how leaning into digital solutions can solve the discrepancies between the high tech product and the low tech installation process.

In this session, we examined the issues and the potential solutions. That’s where SkillsBase comes in! Our in-field training and truck roll reduction tools can help all network builders! SkillsBase uses the latest advancements in AI and AR technology to streamline productivity in installation. Alongside this, we use module based training and video learning to allow engineers to consistently improve.

Check us out at Booth 1314 where we are showing a practical example of how our technology can help you!


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