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At SkillsBase, we offer an array of solutions. These solutions include a range of new tools such as the AR (Augmented Reality) Planning tool and the multi-award nominated AI (Artificial Intelligence) Virtual Buddy Tool that makes it easier for businesses of all sizes to create a culture of continuous learning and development in the workplace.

SkillsBase also provides a user-friendly mobile app interface that allows companies to communicate with employees, improve skills, manage compliance, and create customised training programs.

With the experience we gained from working with thousands of field engineers in Openreach, we felt the technology could be leveraged in other industries to help with their communication and training needs.

One of the first organisations outside of the telecoms industry to use the app was Munster Rugby, one of Europe’s leading rugby clubs. Their development teams utilise the app to communicate with their large player base and deploy training content.

Build a Culture of Self-Improvement in your Business with SkillsBase.

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