Discover how SkillsBase can help you provide effective employee training

Discover how SkillsBase can Help you Provide Effective Employee Training

Your organisation’s training programs can be managed and curated through SkillsBase. Unlike traditional classroom training, it offers a comprehensive platform for creating courses, assessing employees, and tracking their progress.

SkillsBase is a training and engagement platform for growing businesses. We empower you to create workplace heroes by engaging your employees at every level of training. We aim to impact behavioural changes across various business sectors through module-based content. 

Check out some of the ways how SkillsBase can help you provide effective training for your employees: 

Course creation

Our mission is to provide companies with a platform that allows them to balance form and function by creating unique content that trainees will want to consume.

 It is possible for you to build your courses from the ground up or to upload pre-existing employee training materials if you prefer. Additionally, SkillsBase provides the ability to create multimedia-rich courses through the use of a variety of learning types, such as videos, images, processes, and audio or text lessons.

Organise training sessions

Once your courses have been created, you can upload them to your user account for them to access. A course can be assigned manually to specific employees, or it can be enabled for self-enrollment, which allows employees to enrol in courses that interest them. 

Employee evaluations

When you include assessments in your training courses, you can check how well your employees understand what they are being taught. Within your courses, you can create quizzes, assignments, and tests that can be part of your training program. It is possible to provide your employees with personalised feedback.

Data Analytics

By giving you a real-time tracking and reporting feature, SkillsBase allows you to monitor your employees’ progress through the program. A real-time report can be generated on course completion percentages, enrollment statistics, and learner performance. As a result of analysing this data, you should be able to gain a greater understanding of your employees’ progress and how the training is affecting your business.


Recognizing and motivating your employees is easy with rewards systems. Upon completion of a course, course administrators can award certificates to employees. 

A company’s performance and knowledge of its employees have a direct impact on the success of the organisation as a whole as a result of employee expertise and performance. The success of your organisation can be boosted if your team is well-trained and able to meet the objectives you set. Creating effective and consistent employee training programs is possible with SkillsBase. 

By engaging employees at every level, SkillsBase empowers you to create workplace heroes. 

SkillsBase can be applied to multiple teaching and education use cases; contact us today to create your own bespoke learning experience for your employees. 

Contact us today to learn how this intuitive platform can help enhance your teaching power and the student’s learning experience, saving time and effort.

Our mobile-first solutions build relationships, break down barriers to engagement and create value.

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