SkillsBase powers the next generation of Munster Rugby Players and Coaches

SkillsBase Powers the Next Generation of Munster Rugby Players and Coaches

Explore how SkillsBase works with Munster Rugby to help empower their training with our App-Based Training and Engagement platform, enhancing coaches’ and players’ knowledge and understanding of the game and maximise their learning experience as a result of this partnership.

With the SkillsBase platform, Munster Rugby can create a module-based course for its players using various features, including feedback loops, quizzes, and surveys that allow players to interact with coaches. SkillsBase even enables coaches to create customised coaching drills or nutrition-related courses based on their requirements. In the Summer Programs, Munster Rugby uploaded a curated mix of Munster Rugby-created educational content, including Nutrition, Exercise Demonstrations, Home Skills, and The Four Cornerstone Principles.

Communicate Safe and Securely

Munster Rugby was seeking a platform that would allow them to communicate safely and securely with their players and coaches, making communicating updates and sharing new content faster. With SkillsBase being mobile-first, it is ideal for the current generation of players to power their training and achieve their objectives.

The CEO of SkillsBase, Mark Horgan, spoke about this collaboration in a statement describing the project as a lifelong commitment to Munster Rugby, which implies that we take great pride in being able to provide the platform for their age-graded player development programs. Our collaboration with Keith Murphy and the team in Munster Rugby has allowed players to increase their technical knowledge, engage with coaches safely and create a greater interest in their own game.

Keith Murphy, Coach and Player Development Manager at Munster Rugby said, “In the short time that we’ve been using SkillsBase, we’ve certainly seen an increase in the player’s knowledge and understanding of the game. The app allows us to promote our best practice programs, including our four cornerstones initiative, across the province to the players and coaches”. Players can interact with their coaches with the feedback loop, quizzes, and surveys.

Engagement and Reporting

As a result, hundreds of players actively use this mobile-first intuitive application, with more than an 80% course completion rate from coaches and players nationwide. Players appreciate how easy it is to navigate the module-based courses within the SkillsBase app, which allows players to supplement their on- and off-field programs. Through the engagement data, Munster Rugby can build on their learning and development and apply it to the face-to-face setting. 

Feedback Loop

Using the analytics and reports, Keith Murphy can identify players’ and coaches’ areas of interest, which is helpful to both coaches and administrators. Having this information will give them a better understanding of how to design and develop new materials in the future. Pre- and Post-training surveys and anonymised well-being check-ins enabled Munster Rugby to capture real-time feedback from players and coaches, ensuring that nobody goes unheard.

SkillsBase provides players a secure way to access customised courses, keep track of training, and get feedback via the SkillsBase Insights and Analytics systems. Training resources are available to all players, such as exercises, nutrition, workouts, and much more. 

Overall, SkillsBase encourages players to improve their skills and confidence, resulting in better decision-making and performance.

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