Our Founder Mark Horgan on AI Ireland Podcast!

We are delighted to share that SkillsBase founder Mark Horgan was recently invited as a guest on the AI Ireland Podcast. AI Ireland is a non profit organisation that has devoted itself to promoting Artificial Intelligence in Ireland.

The AI Ireland Podcast is a show that discusses the applications of Data Science, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. This episode discusses how SkillsBase aims to change the behaviours of the business sector for the better. Mark discusses how he wants to create module based content that appeals to trainees and makes them want to engage with the material. User experience, training convenience and a passion for innovation are at the core of what SkillsBase want to achieve.

In episode 98 of the podcast, Mark discusses:

  • His background & how SkillsBase came about
  • Problems they are solving applying AI
  • Challenges they need to overcome such as stakeholder buy-in
  • What the near future looks like for SkillsBase

SkillsBase is grateful for the opportunity to showcase our platform, and to engage meaningfully to the conversation of AI in Ireland. We highly recommend listening to the podcast and learning more about the benefits of AI technology.

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