SkillsBase Elated to Announce Opening of Our New Office!

After four years in business, we here at SkillsBase are finally opening the doors of our very own office! We want to take a moment to look back on how SkillsBase began, and what has led to such an exciting development!


SkillsBase was founded in 2018 by Mark Horgan. His aim was to enhance learning and communication within businesses. Our first project was building a mobile-first installation app for one of the biggest telecommunications component manufacturers in Europe. Subsequently, we were tasked with harnessing the latest technology in Artificial Intelligence to streamline installation. This also ensured it was done correctly the first time.


As a result of our work in 2018, we were approached by Openreach, the largest British telecommunications company, to create a similar platform in 2019. Openreach was looking for a way to reskill their engineers without pulling them from the field. They wanted to maintain their productivity. As a result, they turned to SkillsBase to create a remote learning platform to retrain engineers on site.


As a reaction to the Covid 19 pandemic, the world turned its focus on expanding remote training in 2020. SkillsBase was able to allow engineers to gain their accreditations remotely without impeding the quality of their training or the productivity of Openreach as a business.


In 2021, we developed our AI Virtual Buddy tool, which allowed engineers to evaluate the quality of their installations on site. When an installation was done incorrectly, we demonstrated how to correct their mistakes using photo comparisons, training videos and diagrams. Our platform allowed engineers to achieve their accreditations faster, greatly improved consumer satisfaction and drastically cut down revisiting costs.


So far in 2022, we have expanded our services to other industries. Currently, we are collaborating with Munster Rugby to make training more convenient and efficient with our training based platform.

This has all led us to now, with our brand new offices! SkillsBase is growing every day, and we are proud of the work we have accomplished and all of what we have achieved! The opening of our offices represents our growth, and how far we have come. We are incredibly proud of where we are today!


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