Discover how SkillsBase enhances experiential learning for teachers and students

Discover how SkillsBase Enhances Experiential Learning for Teachers and Students

According to a study by The Research Institute of America, eLearning increases student retention. Online learning yields 25 to 60% retention rates, while face-to-face training only yields 8 to 10%. Why? Since students can revisit lessons at their own pace, eLearning is thought to increase retention.

Did you know that SkillsBase is a mobile-first platform that provides teachers with everything they need to plan lessons, share resources, provide personalised learning, and communicate beyond the classroom?

Today’s learners want more than just e-books and video streaming; they want engaging experiences. SkillsBase provides a platform to integrate module-based learning with course material, videos, quizzes, feedback, integration of other tools, and customisable layouts to make online education more effective. Ultimately, it is a tool for customising, implementing and delivering content.

Based on our trials with schools, we have found that SkillsBase enhances students’ learning and teachers’ effectiveness. Learning pathways can be built using SkillsBase by educators. In addition to building relationships, our mobile-first solutions create value and break down engagement barriers.

We intend to discuss some ways SkillsBase enhances the experiential learning experience of teachers and learners.

  1. Easy to use: The Skillsbase system is easy to use both from an administrative standpoint and a user’s perspective since it’s essential to have an intuitive platform so learners can learn as seamlessly as possible. 
  2. Mobile-based: It is a mobile-first platform that enables students to access applications on handheld devices such as smartphones and tablets, making remote learning much easier and more convenient.
  3. In-depth analytics and reporting: With SkillsBase analytics, you will have much more information to make informed decisions. We can analyse student engagement metrics, device usage, time spent on assignments, and more data to identify gaps and areas for improvement: grades, attendance, test scores, and performance reviews.
  4. Progress Tracker: Students can keep track of their progress using automated updates. Teachers can use the tracker to access students themselves and plan effective strategies to motivate students and monitor their progress simultaneously.
  5. Get the attention you need: With  SkillsBase, students can get individual attention. The study materials can be accessed via the SkillsBase resources, and students can learn independently.
  6. Multiple resources: Interactive formats such as quizzes, videos, step guides, infographics, and many more are being added.. Using a mix of digital assets, teachers can communicate with students in the most convenient way possible. Video and external sites can be easily embedded into SkillsBase to make learning more engaging.
  7. Parental access: Using SkillsBase, parents and guardians can access their child’s calendar, class schedule, outline, and assessment dates and get involved in their child’s learning outside class.
  8. Distribute class materials efficiently: Through SkillBase, all students – whether in class or learning remotely – can access the lesson, including objectives, activities, and resources. 
  9. Safe and secure: SkillsBase complies with GDPR and protects users’ identities by preventing them from contacting each other. 
  10. Anti-Bullying: Through SkillsBase’s anti-bullying features, students and parents can notify teachers and staff about incidents of bullying that have occurred safely and anonymously. 

Are you ready to elevate your school’s learning experience?

The SkillsBase app keeps teachers, students, and parents informed and connected on the go, offers best-in-class data security, and enables teachers to engage their students.

SkillsBase can be applied to multiple teaching and education use cases; why not contact us today for your bespoke learning experience solution?

Contact us today to learn how this intuitive platform can help enhance your teaching power and the student’s learning experience, saving time and effort.

Our mobile-first solutions build relationships, break down barriers to engagement and create value.

Let’s talk about your solution; contact us today!

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